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How to Build a TANF Program Welfare to Work Program and Rebuild America?s Inner City Urban Communities?

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Eddie L Franklin

Have been a consultant or manager/supervisor for 30 years starting

in the confectionery candy industry, then gaining SIS Short Interval

Scheduling techniques in the automobile manufacturing industry at the Budd

Auto assemble Plant in Gary Indiana

My major accomplishment was at the age of 27 to become employed at a

Major national management consulting firm, where I was able to gain the

experience of having an MBA. I consulted on manufacturing, fast food ,

Specialties: banking, c, consulting, contract management, corporate finance, cost accounting, cost control, credit, customer relations, file management, finance, functional, inventory management, management development, marketing, materials management, new product development, press releases, real estate, repair, retail, sap, scheduling, seminars, technical support, telephone skills, time management,

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Chapter-4: RELEASED WITHOUT HOPE. 2019-05-15T18:51:51+00:00

Remember according to Michelle Alexander in her bestselling book “The New Jim Crow”, over 2,000,000 two million men and women incarcerated in American prisons, most of them for nonviolent crimes such as possession of or sale of marijuana, which is now according to many sources on the verge of becoming legalized in the United States. In the month of September it was legalized and licensed for growth and sale of it for medical purposes, in Illinois and nationwide, again remember that is no accident that these men and women are being released in droves to fill the declining labor force as baby boomer retires at a rate of 10,000 ten thousand per week.

They are being released after being in prison for fifteen to twenty years. Congressman of Chicago, Danny Davis recently stated on WKKC 89.5 FM Chicago’, Kennedy King College radio station, that the congressional black caucus make a mistake of pushing for the 3 strikes, you’re out prison legislation, that commended many young men and women to long-term prison sentence to feed the need for employment in rust belt communities where manufacturing jobs were lost, as the jobs were moved overseas or the South and South West parts of the country, where prisons have become the main employers in many of these communities, in the rust belt and our scared young men and women are the products produced.

They are being released with no place to go, no new way of thinking, no hope for a better life, and no hope for a retirement or social security since many of them are functionally illiterate and have never or very little worked on a job which paid into social security. Unless we give them some alternatives, the only option

for them is to feign some form of physical or mental illness, which provides on the productive outcome to society or return to prison for committing some more serious crimes.

Insanity and insane thinking are being spread throughout the inner city communities across America; no wonder the murder rate is so high in these communities, not only in Chicago but in every community.

Where, there are abandoned homes on block after block. The problem that in Chicago is reported more perhaps as a left over for the Al Capone days of the Saint Valentine Massacre, but I am old enough to remember when Detroit Michigan, Gary Indiana, and even Little Rock Arkansas were the murder capitals of America, remember gang banging in Little Rock. Check it out on YouTube.

Thurgood Marshall the first black judge appointed to the supreme court of the United State said in the book by Carl T. Rowan Dream Makers, Dream Breakers “One of my great disillusionments was the delay of the government to implement the dictates of the 1954 Brown Versus the Board of Education decision”. The government delayed any concern for education until

Barbara Bush’s program of one child left behind, two generations were lost in that period of more than 40 years. This is the generation we must reclaim from the prisons of the America’s. America needs them now. When are we going to take control of the labor in our communities and use it for our own economic development, within those communities?

Knowledge is more powerful than authority. With the knowledge of how to do something, a person does not need the authority of being the journeymen tradesmen person in the building trades. They can make their own job in their own community.

Knowledge is God-given while authority is a creation of man. What we want to give our young men and women is knowledge, since we have been denied authority in the building trades unions.

The whole history of western civilization has involved the direction of labor, from Abraham, David, Solomon to the slave trade, to the civil war which freed black labor from the agrarian south to work in the industrial north.

Who can accuse us of directing this labor force in helping us building a successful real estate and construction business, as we help rebuild our communities while giving them training and life skills to make a living in society at large, certainly not God him or herself.

Raymond Kruzwield the founder of the singularity movement and sited by some as one of the three most influential men in America at the University of Chicago in his book “The Singularity is Near; When Humans

Transcend Biology lobbied for a new course of study to be introduced at high schools in Chicago and nationwide, where students would take a 6 year program which included a heavy dose of technology and after they graduate they would have a job waiting for them at one of the high tech companies. This is coming to reality for the present generation of youth, with the new high schools and new programs.

The Major of Chicago Rob Emmanuel announced on October the 10th 2017, that a similar program was being introduced to Chicago schools. This is wonderful for the current high school students, but what about their parents, the generation from 25 to 50 years old? This is the group I am concerned about.

Chapter-3: Why I Chose Real Estate Rehabbing of Housing. 2019-05-15T18:51:17+00:00

In the next few pages I will answer the 5 questions of WHY, WHO WHEN, Where, HOW I have chosen rehab of homes due to the need for returning homes that are abandoned and/or in need of repair in our communities to the highest and best use and need to provide the meaningful stainable jobs in our communities, and this will stabilize the urban flight and the decreasing of the tax base in many inner-city communities and the need for individuals with skills to make these type of repairs in carpentry, plumbing and electrical. I am talking about skills, not some formal union certificate which these men and women have denied.


My experience as a management consultant at a major

international management consulting company, which I

started working in the field over 40 years ago, and my experience as a management consultant for disadvantage businesses working under a grant from the US Department of Commerce in the minority business development agency and also my experience as a superintendent for both the Chicago Housing Authority, and The Chicago Park District supervising men and women in all of the building trades, and finally the ownership of my own construction company.

Who Will This Program Help?

Chapter-:2 How to Get Use of This Subsided Labor? 2019-05-15T18:50:48+00:00

How Can You Get uses of these 20 hours per month and how can you use this subsidized labor. Many states allow getting trainees directly from the Department of Human Services and a few have used some

of the money from the federal government to give grants under RFP request for Proposals and have awarded grant money to many non-profit and -profit organizations to provide training and certificate programs for individuals enrolled in these programs for all manner of training, but none of them provide in one area as I know of and that is Internet marketing.

These type of jobs can‘t be easily outsourced overseas. Why internet marketing? Most of these people have no idea that they can make a living as an affiliate marketer for someone else’s products on sites such as Click Bank and Amazon. The advent of the information age will create the greatest transference of wealth in American history, certainly since the invention of the personal computer.

Moore’s Law is moving at a rate that it was never intended to, accelerating computing and reducing the cost as never before says Raymond Kurzweil in his book “The Singularity is Near When Humans Transcend Biology”. It is more cost-effective than ever before to start a home business, with the use of Facebook,

Instagram, and LinkedIn, but not many of these grantees are focusing on this opportunity for self-employment. I was at seminar presented by Facebook, The Chicago Women’s Development Center and congresswoman Robin Kelly of the 2nd congressional district of Illinois and SCORE (Service Core of Retired Executives) which I was formerly a member of, it was held at the new Harbor View International Golf course on the Southside of the city of Chicago in the Roseland community which is 90% black. Over 400 people attended yet only less than 20 minorities/black were in attendance, most of the attendees were white women running online businesses with gross receipts of over $50,000 dollars per year. Congresswoman stated that the implementation of the goal for women-owned businesses of 5%, some 40 years ago for federal contracts the recently reported she said that women-owned businesses had dropped to 2% mark.

Though I am an internet net marker and Life Coach but for sake of this book I am focusing on some business that can’t be totally transferred overseas and that is housing here in America.

There are grantees that spend over $50,000,000 million dollars in Illinois, along providing training for 8 to 10 weeks in specific skills in the building trades such as setting a toilet, hanging a door or piece of drywall but none of them provide a job. These are the perfect skills for a rehabber or handyman, which do not require formal certification from some building trade union. These skills are sourly needed in America. In early 60s in Chicago, the city college lost the programs provided

by 17 union apprentice training programs, which were held at Washburn Trade School and unions slowly started to move the HUB of all of this training to Elk Grove Village, which was 40 to 50 miles outside the city of Chicago, where minorities did not have transportation to get to classes. This similar thing happened nationwide and there is a shortage of Americas skilled tradesmen and women at an astounding rate and many of the jobs nationwide are being held by undocumented aliens.

Chapter-1: What is The Welfare to Work Program or TANAF (Temporary Assistance to Needy Families)? 2019-05-15T18:50:09+00:00

Who among us has not had some need of assistance at some time in our lives, either economic or spiritual?

It is a program where men have to be married and living with their wives and women have to be pregnant and everyone under 50 years of age has to submit a social responsibility plan that is approved by a caseworker. The program has been largely forgotten but it was a part of Bill Clintons 1996.

Economic Recovery and Social Responsibility Act of 1996 states that it requires that a person must work 20 hours per month in order to gain benefits of medical care and food stamps or SNAP.

Why is it Important to move people From Welfare to Work?

Talking about the spiritual level first, it gives a person a sense of self-worth, makes them feel they are a positive contributing member of society, a father, a mother, a provider for their children and community and a role model of how life should be lived.

This provides exposure in the workplace and an opportunity to gain marketable skills and an income, in order to provide for them.

This also ensures a retirement income through Social Security if nothing else.

It assures that Social Security does not go bankrupt and will be available for us and them. I am Baby Boomer of 71 years old and figures show that 10,000 of us are retiring and collecting Social Security every week and leaving the workforce.

We are living longer than average age of a male, which is from 69 to 72 years and for a female which is from 70 to 83 years. This is a matter of enlightened self-interest for me. However, I am not totally counting on Social Security for my income however; having it does increase the quality of my retirement.

Figures from a recent newspaper article show the effective workforce are the lowest since 1972 and another article says that the technology revolution is having a devastating effect on job lost in China. The long-sought market for outsourcing of manufacturing, the information age has had a tremendous effect on job lost in America where jobs such as customer support and other functions have been outsourced to English speaking such as India. The GIG economy has taken root and it’s hard to find, even clerical work. There are jobs in the hidden economy and they do not pay into America’s social security system.

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How to Build a TANF Program Welfare to Work Program and Rebuild America’s Inner City Urban Communities?

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